Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I need to keep this more up to date!

Hey everyone, sorry fo the confusion. Just a quic note, the baby blessing was not done on the 9th of Sptember. We had a little accident (and by we I mean me-Andrew) and I decided that having front teeth was slightly overrated, so I knocked them out at jumping rock. Don't worry, after carefulconsideration, and a lot of pudding packs, I have decided to get front teeth again, it's just taking a while. So, we're planning on doing the baby blessing when that get's done. When that will be, still remains a mystery, but most likely I'll get my teeth in around General Conference. Until then I would loveto hear any and all funny jokes about people with no front teeth, bcause I am starting to run out. I was going to post pictures, but as my wife so kindly pointed out, some people are still able to eat, and ptures of this would surely ruin some perfectly good appetites. I countred with the argument that most pictures of m would make people lose their appetites, to which she had n reply- so I guess we all know who wonthat argument. Anyways, as news of what exactly is going on follows, I will try to keep you guys posted, and in the man time, go to Jake's blog, and look at how cute he is, bcause we always have cute new pictures of him up,and he basically looks like I do, at least in his mouth! Love you guys!

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Mandy Griffin said...

NO you DIDN'T!!!!!!!!!! are you serious?!??! Andrew, you HAVE to post pictures! I aint kiddin!