Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

2007 was an exciting year for our family, we had a lot of disasters and a lot of miracles. We were blessed with a beautiful son who has made our lives happier than we could have ever imagined, and blessed us in ways that we never thought possible. Here's looking forward to another great year, hopefully this one will be much less "exciting," but just as wonderful. As we start it off, I wanted to share with everyone one of my favorite quotes, it comes from Aristotle: "We are what we continually do, greatness then, is not an act, but a habit." May we all strive to be Great this year! Happy New Year!!!


The Wheelers (Andrew, Brittany and Jake)

**In some translations, the word that I translated as "greatness" is translated as "excellence," this may seem a rather insignificant difference, except when you consider the fact that Aristotle held Knowledge and Truth as "Great" things, and the works of the Mythological Gods, (God's which he despised) as "Excellent" works... I like great better**

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Callie and Grant Lippard said...

Brit! Hey, what is going on?! Just happened across your blog. Your little boy is so cute. I checked out his blog. I've got a site on here if you wanna take a gander... love ya